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Oreganically Beyoutiful

  • I am truly passionate with helping bring to light all the magic you hold. To work with you in your healing journey to help bring you back home to you.
  • I want you to fall in love with yourself and embrace every stage of life your skin has celebrated. To fall in love with your skin and know that you are not defined by it. And have the ease of not wearing makeup if you so desire.
  • To make the switch to clean, nontoxic skin care as easy and manageable as possible. To have ingredient lists that are recognizable, pronounceable, and honest.
  • There is magic in your hands; massaging your skin. Magic in your thoughts; you are what you think
Why was Oreganically Beyoutiful created?

"I want you to know
You are stunning
You shine and you glow
You are whole and you are enough"

Leah Farrell - Founder of Oreganically Beyoutiful

Created to empower you to intuitively listen to your skin.  


The heart of Oreganically Beyoutiful is the desire for you to feel comfortable in your skin.  I believe that beauty is your whole being-your thoughts, your actions, trusting your intuition, and living a fulfilling life.   When we listen to our bodies, magic happens.  Holistic, organic skin care is a beautiful way to honor our skin and take care of ourselves.  To take the everyday skin care routine and turn it into a sacred ritual.

 The struggle with sensitive skin is what led me to my life’s passion.  I worked at a dermatology clinic for 16 years and found I couldn’t tolerate the majority of the products or treatments.  I began reading about ingredients, what I was putting on my body.  Learning about carrier oils, plants, essential oils, and functional ingredients. I got my esthetics license and haven’t stopped learning since.  What started as creating products I could use, has become a journey into the world of holistic beauty and opened my heart in more ways than I could have ever imagined. To find beauty, love, and fascination by honoring the integrity of the plants and flowers is truly a gift. To work on my own healing journey has truly inspired and empowered me to want to help others.

 The intention of Oreganically Beyoutiful is empower you to allow your inner beauty to shine through and make your skin glow. To support you on your skin care journey by bringing you high-vibrational ,holistic products with the promise to use the highest quality ingredients from reputable companies. Companies and farms that are fair trade, sustainable, and honest. In supporting small farms, we can make a difference.

Thank you for stopping by Oreganically Beyoutiful.  It is an honor to have you here and I’m eternally grateful for your trust, your love, and your support. Please know that I’m always here to support you how I can.

 All the best – Leah Farrell, founder and formulator of Oreganically Beyoutiful