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Energy Healing - 1 to 1

It’s easy to stay busy, to suppress the challenging parts of your life. You look for comfort in things, instead of reaching out. The body is your faithful companion and is always trying to get your attention.

Your skin is your emotions, a gauge to your inner world. And are you someone who often does the disservice of not tuning into your intuition?

I am Leah Farrell, Holistic Esthetician trained in energy healing, I would be honored to work with you in bringing to light all the magic you hold. It’s already inside you, ready to be seen.

Energy work can be an essential asset to bring yourself back home to you.

Energy healing can be a complex offering of:

  • Emotional healing
  • Mental Healing
  • Ethereal Healing
  • and Physical Component to aid healing

This work is meant to assist with:

  • Accessing Clarity
  • CLearing Blockage
  • Reducing Stress
  • and support overall well-being
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This integration of all the bodies (emotional, mental, physical, and ethereal) can help give you guidance
on your journeys to creating harmony for the whole self. It can also allow you to deepen your
connection with yourself, others, and the world around you.

"I have said all the good things to anyone that will listen about my healing session with Leah. She took so much intentional time walking me through my trapped emotions around my request of working on my irrational fears that have been showing up as of late. I do feel so different weeks and weeks beyond our time together. I highly recommend her gifts if you are feeling blocked or need a tune in to tune up, she is truly incredible."
- Jacki Carr, Maine

Energy Work Consultation

$ 0.00 USD

This virtual consultation helps us to get to know one another! We'll discuss if you have any history or knowledge of energy work, talk about my processes, and answer any questions you may have. From here, we will develop an intention and plan for our work together. Let’s get you started on your healing journey. 20 Minute Virtual Consultation.

Mini Energy Work Session

$ 55.00 USD

If you are new to energy work or are just wanting to dip your toe in to explore what it's all about, this session can help bring clarity. This is a smaller session than the Full Energy Session and focuses on one or two areas that present themselves. It is written up and emailed for you to easily understand and have to support you.

Full Energy Work Session

$ 149.00 USD

This session looks at your entire being – emotional, physical, mental, and ethereal bodies. Connecting with your energies, your body has the answers to help you live in balance, the life you’re meant to live. I work on finding strategies, clearing blockages, and assisting with your overall well-being. All this is written up for you to easily understand and have, to support you. We then schedule a virtual meeting to go over all of it together and dig deeper into any questions or insights you may have. This is my favorite session and such a remarkable way to gain clarity and insight into the beauty that is you, so you can emerge anew.

Emotion Release Session

$ 48.00 USD

Emotions are vibrations of pure energy, and every emotion has its own unique, vibrational frequency. When we experience emotions and they aren’t processed thoroughly in our body, they can become trapped. Their (trapped) frequencies will vibrate throughout our entire being, creating a circular pattern of that emotion in our bodies. Releasing these emotions, whether our own emotions or inherited from another entity, can help harmonize the body and bring you back into balance. This session includes me working on clearing the trapped emotions and then emailing you a detailed list of what came through and was released. This will help you to gain insight and understanding.

Have questions?

Please feel free to reach out by email with any questions to obeyoutiful@gmail.com