Thursday, February 8th
5:45 PM
8:00 Pm
Doors open at 5:30 PM: Please arrive 15 minutes early to get some tea and settle in!

Radiance Within - Beauty from the Inside Out

$ 60.00 USD

Please join me for a magical evening of connection- to ourselves and with others, as we explore beauty
from the inside out. Radiant beauty is your whole being - your thoughts,  trusting your intuition, and
coming home to you. Feeling free to be your true self. Making the time for self-care, including a skin care
ritual is an important step to feeling connected to yourself.

I really feel we are all craving to be seen and heard. To gather with love and have a safe space of support.
Let’s make time in 2024 to be together!

Limited number of tickets available!

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Here are some details on this event

When is it

Thursday, February 8th , 2024

How long is it

5:45 PM – 8:00 PM
Please arrive 15 minutes early to grab some tea and get settled in.

What does it cost

$60 per person

What does it include?

A journal will be provided, as we take some time to pause, reflect, and release. You will also receive a
goodie bag with skin care samples from The Goddess Collection… and maybe another surprise or two!
Tea and light refreshments will be provided, along with a beautiful evening of connection and self-care.

Broadway Commons has on-site parking and is ADA accessible. They also have a wonderful coffee shop
with amazing beverages and tasty goodies! They are open until 8:00 PM.

About Our Event

Meet Your Host

Leah Farrell

Holistic Esthetician & Founder of Oreganically Beyoutiful

Leah started Oreganically Beyoutiful in 2015 with the desire to help people feel comfortable in their own skin. To know that beauty is our whole being - our thoughts, our actions, trusting our intuition, and living a fulfilling life. What started as creating products she could use for her sensitive skin, has become a journey into the world of holistic beauty and opened her heart in more ways than she could have ever imagined. To find beauty, love, and fascination by honoring the integrity of the plants and flowers is truly a gift.If you have any questions about products, ingredients, or the event, please contact Leah at

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