One of the best things about going for a facial is the MASSAGE. It's incredibly relaxing, soothing, and perhaps may even invoke a snore or two . Which is the biggest compliment to any esthetician!

Wanna know a little secret?! You don't have to go get a facial to enjoy the amazing benefits of facial massage. OUR HANDS ARE MAGIC!!!

And honestly, I would love for you to make massaging your face as much of a priority as brushing your teeth. I promise you will love taking the time to do it. Let's get more into detail....

Our Skin Is Only As Healthy As It's Ability To Move

Really let that sink in for a minute.....

Facial massage brings blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the tissues and produces a gentle cleansing effect by removing cellular waste. A decrease in circulation of blood, also known as Qi (chee), is a cause of skin aging. Facial massage also stimulates the lymphatic system, which relies on external movement to help circulate it through the body and prevent stagnation. Seriously, the lymphatic system is FASCINATING! We'll definitely dive into it later because it really needs it's own post. It also helps to loosen fascia. Fascia is a band or sheet of connective tissue, primarily collagen, beneath the skin that attaches, stabilizes, encloses, and separates muscles and other internal organs. It is found1mm-2mm beneath the surface of the skin. One of the main types of fascia (there are three) is the Superficial Fascia, which is mostly associated with the skin.

Massaging can be done during your night time cleansing routine or when applying your serum or moisturizer. When massaging, take some deep breaths in for a count of 4, hold for 2, release for 4. While you inhale, think of a positive statement like "I am really good at _____" . As you exhale, let go of a limiting belief, such as "being proud of myself is boastful" Talking lovingly to ourselves changes our cells in a positive way. With feather-light pressure on both sides of the neck, glide your hands from just behind the ears down towards the middle of your collar bone. Give it a gentle wiggle.  Repeat 10 times.  This stimulates the lymphatic system and lets it know to start flowing.  It needs this primer so the massage you do when you cleanse your skin or apply your serum or moisturizer, can be even more effective. Massage in an upward, outward motion.  Long strokes, circular motions, from the neck (and décolleté if desired) all the way to the top of the forehead. Don't forget to massage the jaw area and around behind the ears. We hold so much tension in those areas!  Massage for at least a couple minutes. Your skin will LOVE the stimulation and it just feels dang good.  Be sure to remember to take deep breaths during and set your intention.  End with a couple sweeps down the neck to the collar bone to help "empty the trash"

The benefits you'll start noticing are numerous; glowing skin, decrease in headaches and neckaches, less congestion, improvement in muscle tone, and you could even see a reduction in wrinkles.

And I'm all in for glowing skin and positive vibes! Now, go show yourself some love.